AMAROK Sentinel Security Solutions
AMAROK Sentinel Security Solutions
AMAROK Sentinel Security Solutions



THIEVES BEWARE: the Sentinel pounces when least expected. In an attempt at a perimeter breach in dark or out-of-the-way corners, The Electric Guard Dog's™ 7,000 volts sends a jolt to their senses, and the Sentinel delivers an added surprise of ear-splitting noise, blinding lights, and a flashing red/blue light bar to shock would-be thieves into panicked flight. 


Sentinels Draw Extra Attention to Dark or At-risk Areas of Your Perimeter, Where Criminals Lurk

If The Electric Guard Dog™ fence protecting your perimeter goes into alarm, the Sentinel sounds its sirens, floods the area with light, and flashes additional powerful LED lights. Just like The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, Sentinels are 100% solar powered. Sentinels can be built as standalone units, or AMAROK offers an option that converts the electronic poles of The Electric Guard Dog fence into Sentinels.

  Sentinels Consist of:  

  • Two sirens
  • Four flood lights
  • One red/blue light bar

Place Sentinels at the main gate or in the dark, remote areas of your perimeter, where criminals are most likely to strike.

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