AMAROK Testimonials
AMAROK Testimonials
AMAROK Testimonials

Testimonials from our Customers

View our testimonials to learn more about our electric security fences and perimeter security systems.

AMAROK offers affordable solutions to protect your commercial property from theft.











Read what some of our other customers have to say about the safety and effectiveness of Electric Guard Dog.

Stops Crime

"I would highly recommend any company currently paying for a guard service that is looking to cut security costs and completely STOP theft from occurring. AMAROK did it for us and we couldn’t be happier." 
Joey Adkins, Construction Coordinator — Davis H. Elliot Co.

"For years, W.W. Williams experienced theft on a consistent basis. Since installing Electric Guard Dog fence, we no longer have unwanted intruders entering our property PERIOD."
Ken Cooper, General Manager — W.W. Williams

"I love Electric Guard Dog. I am your biggest advocate. Wherever I install a fence, the crime stops! Flat out."
John Hiatt, WA District Manager — United Rentals

“We had been robbed numerous times ...but ever since I discovered Electric Guard Dog...we have never been touched again.”
Maurice Kennedy, CEO — Safeway RV and Boat Storage

“From all my experience in the security business I have yet to see a better perimeter barrier.”
Neil Taylor, Security Manager — Intermodal Cartage

“Since our installation…we have had no incidents of any kind…the electric fence commands respect.”
Brenda St. Clair Elting, President —  J.W. Watson Trucking, Inc.

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?…Professional, quick and the problem literally stopped overnight. The Electric Guard Dog was a 100% success.” 
Rob Wassom, Sales Manager — Brasher's Portland Auto Auction

“We had a real live guard dog, but it could not cover all our plant. Electric Guard Dog has enclosed our trucks, rail cars and all of our warehouse space. We have not had a single break-in since it was installed. It is worth every penny!”
Jerry Watkins, HSE Manager — Whitaker Oil

“We have no external theft.” 
Dave Sporeleder, Terminal Manager — NEMF Trucking

“Since installation, break-ins have been non-existent….we recommend the Electric Guard Dog fence without reservations.” 
Eugene England, President — Gene & Matt Tractor Sales

“We have utilized Electric Guard Dog products for over 10 years…responsible, reliable and responsive... [this] Product has on many occasions identified and deterred illegal entry to our facilities.”
VP of Security and Claims — Major Logistics Carrier

“The Electric Guard Dog has been the solution. We have had no attempt at a break-in since.”
Lea Howell, Office Manager — Todd Equipment, Inc.

“We would like to thank The Electric Guard Dog for successfully securing Discount Rental... In the past, we’ve tried guards, cameras, beams and even guard dogs.”
Alan Galy, Orlando General Manager — Discount Rentals

“Since installation, attempted break-ins have been stopped. We have not had any inventory losses. The last attempted break in, the thieves even left us their bolt cutters.”
Tom Rapp — Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems

“After installing the EGD fence, we have not had an attempted break in...”
Managing Director of Security — Major Logistics Carrier


Safe & Effective

“I can honestly say that the electric fence is the first thing that I show to prospective customers whenever they ask how good is our security.”
Maurice Kennedy, CEO —  Safeway RV and Boat Storage

“I would like to highly recommend The Electric Guard Dog to anyone who would like to safely and effectively secure their facility.”
Lee Meadors, Atlanta Branch Manager — Duval Semi-Trailers

“The system is safe, legal and has completely stopped what was a constant theft issue. I recommend this to any business that wants to protect their people, property and assets.”
Dan Inglima, Branch Manager — Highland Tractor Company/John Deere


Provides Peace of Mind

“Prior to the electric fence, I had many sleepless nights. Once the fence was installed a renewed sense of security came about. There is no other security system out there that I trust more.”
Hans Klockes, President — Xtreme Powersports

“I call it the do-right fence —  it makes people do right.”
Kenneth Perkins, Senior Director, Real Estate and Facilities — United Rentals


Saves Money

“Not only was AMAROK a significant cost savings compared to the guards, AMAROK stopped all our theft!”
Joey Adkins, Construction Coordinator — Davis H. Elliot Co.

“…Best investment I have ever seen for terminal security.”
Ronald Keaton — ABF Freight

“[We] Have saved a very significant amount of money now that this has replaced the need for guards.”
Dave Sporeleder, Terminal Manager — NEMF Trucking

“We have reduced our losses by 98%! I highly recommend your service and system to anyone with a perimeter security concern.”
Joseph Legeckis, Sr. Dir of Safety, Compliance & Security — Bridge Terminal Transport

“[Electric Guard Dog] Yields recurring cost reductions that average about 65% per facility...”
Ryan Shewchuk, Director, Security and Loss Prevention —  Pitt Ohio Express

“Most cost-effective theft deterrent I’ve seen in 30 years.”
Kenneth Perkins, Senior Director, Real Estate and Facilities — United Rentals

“Eliminates the human error of security guards, the cost is substantially lower than guard services…far fewer false alarms.”
Managing Director of Security Major Logistics Carrier


Is Your Security Partner

“The sales staff are all very cordial and helpful in every possible way.”
Maurice Kennedy, CEO — Safeway RV and Boat Storage

“Their people are great to work with, very accommodating and responsive.”
Ed Sanoli, Regional Manager — Brickman Group

“I really have to give Guard Dog a ‘thumbs up’…professional, courteous and helpful…a breath of fresh air.”
Derrick Levelston, Branch Manager — Insurance Auto Auctions

“I’ve hired security companies and given them a great deal of money…thefts continued and threatened to wipe me out. Having Electric Guard Dog as my security partner will allow me to stay in business. You want to survive the recession? Invest in the Electric Guard Dog fence.”
Rod Nunn, Manager — Nextrans LLC


Service Excellence

"The installers were great. It was quite a large install. I am so impressed with how hard they worked AND in rain. There was a state of emergency declared for flooding and the crew kept working in it so our yard could get secured!”
Chinook RV Storage — Fairview, OR

“It was 108 degrees and I was impressed how the installers still looked professional and acted professional in the hot temperatures.”
AAA Cooper Transportation — Oklahoma City, OK

“The installers were so great that I give 8 stars out of 5!”
Metalico Cleveland LLC — Cleveland, OH