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AMAROK Electric Guard Dog 30 Series Fence


The Electric Guard Dog™ 30 Series

The Electric Guard Dog™ fence offers the ultimate perimeter protection. In fact, 98 percent of all customers experience no external theft after installation.

However, if your business is at higher risk, or you protect goods more valuable or scarce, The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series provides added protection at the perimeter. 


The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series: All the Features of the Electric Guard Dog Solar Fence — Just More

Electric Guard Dog 30 Series Fence


Physical: an intimidating 10-foot-high barrier with clear warning signs that promise a 7,000-volt medically safe shock when touched.

Shock: Would-be thieves who touch The Electric Guard Dog fence experience the shock of their lives—7,000 medically safe, memorable volts that last only 3/10,000 of a second yet makes an impression for life.

Alarms and Lights: Any attempt to scale or cut The Electric Guard Dog fence triggers havoc in the mind of would-be thieves with blaring alarms and blinding lights, adding incentive for criminals to flee.

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