AMAROK The Electric Guard Dog Solar Powered Electric Fence
AMAROK The Electric Guard Dog Solar Powered Electric Fence
AMAROK The Electric Guard Dog Solar Powered Electric Fence



Nothing Protects Like an Electric Fence. PERIOD.

Don’t be a soft target—stop crime before it happens. The Electric Guard Dog™ solar fence is a powerful and intimidating barrier. With multiple forms of defense on your side, our full-perimeter electric fence delivers peace of mind to you and a rude awakening to would-be thieves.

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The Electric Guard Dog Uses Multiple Layers of Security in One Single Product

Our flagship product combines powerful defenses into one to become everything criminals hate—an intimidating barrier, a shocking deterrent, and attention to their crime. Send them running and protect your assets with The Electric Guard Dog fence.

Physical fence - 10 foot high solar powered electric barrier


The intimidating 10-foot-high, solar-powered electric barrier with clear warning signs means this business is serious about perimeter security.


fence triggers a shock to criminals


Would-be thieves who attempt a perimeter breach experience the shock of their lives—7,000 medically safe but memorable volts. Criminals think twice about touching it again.


Any attempt to scale or touch the fence triggers a blaring alarm


Any attempt to scale or touch the fence triggers a blaring alarm and ultra-bright LED lights, adding another incentive for criminals to flee.

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The Electric Guard Dog Fence


100% Solar Powered



No purchase or Installation costs

Installed and Operational in weeks



The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence 30 Series



The Electric Guard Dog™ 30 Series

The Electric Guard Dog fence offers superior perimeter security. In fact, 98% of customers with The Electric Guard Dog fence experience no external theft after installation.

However, if your business is at higher risk, or you protect goods more valuable or scarce, The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series provides added protection.

30 Series Details

In addition to The Electric Guard Dog fence features that include the 10-foot-tall solar-powered fence, 7,000 volts of a medically safe shock, as well as alarm monitoring and notification, the 30 Series has 30 strands of wire and three times more fiberglass poles than The Electric Guard Dog fence for even more thief-stopping power.

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Pre-permit Solution: The Defender Fence

The Defender Fence by AMAROK establishes a low-voltage, electronically monitored perimeter all around your property, alerting you of activity and sending would-be criminals running. It’s another perimeter security option for lower-crime areas or when there are permit timing gaps.

The Defender Fence Benefits:

  • Sentinel is included—and its extra sirens and flashing lights attached to the solar-powered control panel activate during an attempted perimeter breach.

  • Convert to The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence and its solar-powered 7,000 volts at any time.

Monitored Electronic Fence Signage



Much More Than an Electric Fence Company

AMAROK also offers a wide variety of enhancements to further bolster perimeter security. Contact us today to talk about these and other powerful security enhancements. Download the info sheet for more details.

Lowers fence voltage during the day
Raises fence voltage at closing time
Keeps Perimeter Armed
Gate Auto Arming when Gate Closes
EGD Electric Hidden Fence
Makes access to digging impossible
EGD Angled Fencing
EGD Angled Fencing Shoots Inward at 45 Degrees


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