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AMAROK Truck Sales and Service Yards


New, used, or leased — your vehicles are valuable and you make sure they’re safe, efficient and compliant once they hit the road.  But are you putting the same emphasis on securing your commercial property from theft? 

We offer solar-powered, electric fencing and perimeter alarm systems for businesses and commercial properties.  Prevent theft on your property with The Electric Guard Dog™ fence and scare off any potential criminals at every turn.


Protect Your Truck Sales Investments
and Service Yards with AMAROK

    • We offer a solar-powered, electric fencing and perimeter alarm system for commercial properties at a high-risk for crime.

    • Prevent theft on your truck yard - with no upfront installation costs and protect your investments with The Electric Guard Dog fence.

    • Includes features such as alarm verification to keep your property safe with 24/7 monitoring using video surveillance.

    • If you are at a higher threat risk, upgrade to The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series - that provides added protection that is ideal for truck sales and service yards.

    • Sentinels - which consist of bright lights, alarms and red and blue flashing lights, direct attention to vulnerable areas of the perimeter most targeted by potential criminals.



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Industries like yours are at great risk for commercial property theft. Read what steps a leading trucking company's head of security took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing facilities, all while saving on contract security with AMAROK.

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"The Electric Guard Dog is more than just a fence. It's a complete security partner."

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