AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Truck Sales and Service
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Truck Sales and Service
AMAROK Perimeter Security Solutions for Truck Sales and Service

Truck Sales & Service Yards


Annual Sales of New Trucks Total $109 Billion.
Truck Repair and Parts Sales are a $34 Billion Industry.

Whether they’re new, used, or leased, trucks are valuable assets. So are the tools, parts and equipment needed to repair them. You make every effort to ensure the vehicles you sell or service are safe when you put them on the road.  Have you put the same emphasis on securing your onsite inventory against theft?

AMAROK is the premier provider of solar-powered electric fencing and perimeter protection systems for commercial and industrial properties in the U.S. and Canada. Our layered perimeter security solutions are designed to prevent theft by stopping intruders before they get in.

Does Truck Theft Have You Spinning Your Wheels?

    • Truck sales and service facilities typically encompass large acreage to accommodate parking for dozens of vehicles and multi-bay service and repair shops containing expensive, specialized equipment and parts.

    • Large perimeters and valuable inventory spell opportunity for thieves, who can quickly sell what they steal on the internet or to other dealers.

    • The loss of vehicles, parts or equipment can cripple sales and repairs for weeks, resulting in lost revenue and reputation.

Shift Your Security into High Gear

    • Start with AMAROK’s Electric Guard Dog™ fence. Standing just inside your own perimeter fencing, the Electric Guard Dog reaches 10 feet high and pulses a 7,000-volt current every 1.3 seconds. Warning signs posted every 30 feet are enough to scare off most would-be intruders.

    • Contact with the Electric Guard Dog also triggers brilliant LED lights and sounds an alarm. The combination of shock, lights and alarm stops all but the most determined criminals.

    • For even greater protection, upgrade to the Electric Guard Dog 30 Series, which features twice as many electric wires as the original Electric Guard Dog.

    • Both the Electric Guard Dog and the EGD 30 series are solar-powered, so the fence, lights and alarm are always on, even if your local power supply is interrupted.

    • Want more? AMAROK offers video surveillance and monitoring, building intrusion detection, lot lighting, vegetation control and other ancillary services. AMAROK professionals will help you choose the solutions that work best for your needs.

With AMAROK, You're at the Wheel

At AMAROK, we don’t offer “off the shelf” solutions. Your security solution is customized to your specific site. And, because we provide security as a service, it’s installed and completely maintained by AMAROK for one affordable monthly fee. There’s no capital investment on your part, and you pay no construction costs or unexpected repair bills.

In addition to costing up to 90% less than traditional security guards, AMAROK solutions are effective. 98% of our customers experience no external crime after installation.

When the rubber meets the road, you need perimeter protection that keeps your business firing on all cylinders. You need AMAROK.




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“Since installation, break-ins have been non-existent….we recommend The Electric Guard Dog fence without reservations.” 
Eugene England, President — Gene & Matt Tractor Sales

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