AMAROK - High Security Fencing Solutions for Trucking
AMAROK - High Security Fencing Solutions for Trucking
AMAROK - High Security Fencing Solutions for Trucking

Electric Perimeter Security Fence


Cargo Theft Costs U.S. Businesses $30 Billion Annually.
The Average Loss per Incident is More Than $166,000.

Trucking companies routinely invest in technology to protect their trucks and cargo while on the road. But perimeter protection for truck yards – where nearly half of reported incidents take place – is often inadequate.

We offer security fencing options, 24-hour surveillance, and perimeter intrusion detection systems for commercial truck yards. Investing in The Electric Guard Dog™ fence will help you save money on stolen equipment, parts, and products.

Vulnerable Sites Plus Valuable Assets Make Truck Yards Attractive Targets

    • Most trucking companies are located in industrial parks or other areas that are virtually deserted at night. Thieves can approach and assess the site without arousing suspicion.
    • Typical chain link perimeter fencing can be easily cut. No technology or specialized skills required.
    • At large sites, most of the perimeter is out of sight. Coupled with poor lighting, this allows thieves to breach fencing without being seen.
    • Vehicles and containers stored onsite provide good hiding places, as well as being targets of opportunity.

AMAROK Puts the Brakes on Truck Yard Theft

AMAROK’s multi-layered security solutions drive would-be intruders away – before they can drive away with your valuable cargo and equipment.

We start with the Electric Guard Dog, a 10-foot-high, solar-powered electric fence set inside your own perimeter fence. The Electric Guard Dog stops would-be thieves before they get in and protects your property rain or shine – even during power outages.

    • Contact with the fence delivers a 7,000-volt shock and simultaneously activates ultra-bright lights, a loud alarm and surveillance cameras. Camera footage can be viewed live via our mobile app or remotely by a monitoring service, for verification purposes, and is also recorded.

    • Additional options include zoned perimeter detection, access control, roof fencing, building intrusion detection, vegetation control and more.  

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Your security solution is customized to your site and is installed and completely maintained by AMAROK for one affordable monthly fee. No construction costs, costly maintenance fees or unexpected repair bills. With layered perimeter protection from AMAROK, you can put truck yard intrusions and thefts in your rearview mirror and get in the fast lane to greater productivity and profits.



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The Trucking Industry is at great risk for property theft and vandalism. Read what steps a leading trucking company's head of security took to stop repeat break-ins at their growing facilities, all while saving on contract security with AMAROK.

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“Since our installation…we have had no incidents of any kind…the electric fence commands respect.”
Brenda St. Clair Elting, President —  J.W. Watson Trucking, Inc.

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