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AMAROK Vehicle Fleets


ATTENTION FLEET MANAGERS: Protect the vehicles that drive your business forward with a customizable, integrated security solution from AMAROK. When your business depends on your fleet being available and in good working order, having even one vehicle be compromised can bring big losses to your bottom line. The time to protect your perimeter isn’t after a crime has been committed—the time is now.

Gain Peace of Mind and Reduce the Risk of Financial Loss with a Solar-Powered Perimeter Security System from AMAROK.

AMAROK’s multi-layered security solutions drive would-be intruders away – before they can drive away with your vehicles, steal valuable parts, or vandalize your equipment -  costing you in repairs and operational downtime expenses.

    • We start with the Electric Guard Dog, a 10-foot-high, solar-powered electric fence set inside your own perimeter fence. The Electric Guard Dog stops would-be thieves before they get in and protects your property rain or shine – even during power outages.

    • Contact with the fence delivers a 7,000-volt shock and simultaneously activates ultra-bright lights, a loud alarm and surveillance cameras. Camera footage can be viewed live via our mobile app or remotely by a monitoring service, for verification purposes, and is also recorded.

    • Additional options include: zoned perimeter detection, access control, roof fencing, building intrusion detection, vegetation control and more.  

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Your security solution is customized to your vehicle fleet site and is installed and completely maintained by AMAROK for one affordable monthly fee. No construction costs, costly maintenance fees or unexpected repair bills. With layered perimeter protection from AMAROK, you can put fleet site intrusions and thefts in your rearview mirror and get in the fast lane to greater productivity and profits.

    • 98% of all customers experience no external crime after installation.

    • Security that is always on—with a 7,000-volt pulse of electricity every 1.3 seconds.

    • Sentinels will direct attention to vulnerable areas of the perimeter that are often targeted by would-be thieves.



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When your Vehicle Fleet is the basis of your company, you can't afford for even one to be out of commission. Your vehicles are at higher risk of theft, of being stripped for parts, or broken into for tools. Don't become another casualty to criminal activity. Get a FREE Threat Assessment today to see how AMAROK can help you prevent damage to your bottom line and your reputation.

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Hear Why 4,500+ Happy Customers Love AMAROK

"We were having thefts probably three to four times a week before we installed The Electric Guard Dog. Once installation was done, thefts stopped essentially overnight. The installation process was very smooth, the technicians were great to deal with. I highly recommend The Electric Guard Dog." 
Operations Manager — DJ's Electrical, Inc.

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