Why should you rely on our electrified fences & perimeter security systems for your business?

AMAROK is an electric fence company that provides comprehensive Property Security as a Service. Our solar powered electrified fence and other perimeter security solutions stop theft before it happens with a manageable monthly subscription. In addition, our support staff is always here to help you verify security issues at your site.

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  • Secure barrier for your people and property
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Electrified perimeter fence
  • Nationwide network of support
  • Perimeter security detection alarm system

What are AMAROK customers saying?


More than 6000 customers...


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I call it the 'do right' fence—it makes people do right.
United Rentals
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[Our AMAROK solution] is more effective than a guard, and it never sleeps.
ABF Freight
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Efficient, friendly, and completed the best install I‘ve seen to date.
Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction
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Security as a Service

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What makes our electrified perimeter fences different?

The pulse from our patented perimeter security systems and electrified fences is generated by a 12-volt battery to produce a short (3/10,000ths of a second) but memorable shock, much like the static charge from your lawn mower's spark plug.

In other words, our perimeter security system is safe, but it hurts! Read about International Safety Standards.

Our perimeter security system and electrified fence is solar powered, which isn't just to be green — it's also effective. Thanks to a low-watt solar panel which charges the battery, your site will remain secure even in the event of a power failure.

Our perimeter security system and electrified fences can help your company achieve a major milestone in its green strategies and stay secure with renewable resources. Interested in “sparking” greater interest in green technologies? Read how AMAROK is a pioneer in renewable energy for the security industry.

Because our perimeter security system is powered by the sun, your power bills won't increase due to your enhanced security system.

Your security is never on break, never distracted, never tired. Our perimeter security system and electrified fences perform with the same 100% effectiveness every minute of the day.

Our perimeter intrusion detection systems and electrified perimeter fences protect even the most remote commercial yards from security threats, even if they're hundreds of miles away from the site.

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“I’ve been broken into once. Will it happen again? What are others doing?”